Our vineyards consist of American and French-American hybrid grape species planted on-site across 8 acres. The vines were chosen in consultation with Purdue's Wine Grape Action Team. These varietals are able to tolerate typical central Indiana's winter-time lows, early spring frosts, the wet&humid summer and yet still yield quality fruit with excellent wine characteristics. The more common European varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are too cold-tender for this environment.

Varieties planted in 2012
Sheridan (3/4 acre)
Chambourcin (3/4 acre)
Cayuga White (3/4 acre)
Catawba (3/4 acre)
Traminette (3/4 acre)
Leon Millot (1/4 acre)

Varieties planted in 2016
Seyval Blanc (3/4 acre)
Corot Noir (1/2 acre)
DeChaunac (1/2 acre)
Marechal Foch (3/4 acre)
Vignoles (3/4 acre)
Crimson Cabernet (1/4 acre)