Blackhawk FAQ

Are pets allowed?
Leashed pets are allowed outside. Health regulations prohibit non-service animals from being inside the winery.

Are children welcome?
Yes. Children enjoy the open space and farm animals here. Please note that this is an active and working farm & winery. Children must be supervised and kept in public areas.

What are the COVID-19 restrictions? Are masks required?
Masks are not required. Blackhawk staff will be adhering to current guidelines on masks or face shields and surface sanitation to protect the public. Please respect physical distancing with others and be respectful to other's concerns.

Can I bring my own food?
Yes, you may bring in your own food. Coolers will be checked. Please do not bring in alcohol.

Can I bring my own beer or alcohol?
No, just leave it at home. The concerts are offered free of charge and it is the sale of our wine and cider that pays for the musicians.

Are there tours of the winery or vineyard?
Yes. There are no formal scheduled tours. Just ask one of our staff members and we'll be glad to give you a tour.

Is the wine Vegan?
Yes. At present, all of our wines are vegan. We generally do not use animal proteins as fining agents. If you have specific questions or concerns, please ask your server for more information.

Is the wine organic?
No. Organic grapes are not used and sulfites are added to the wine to keep it from oxidizing or turning to vinegar.

Why do you not grow organic grapes?
Many reasons. Our American and French-American hybrid grapes are sensitive to sulfur, which is a commonly used organic pesticide. Our grapevines use a high-wire training system due to their downward growth habits. The high-wire post supports are placed under immense strain when we are hit with a strong thunderstorm during the summer. These strains are enough to bend metal posts used in organic vineyards, so we must use treated (i.e. not organic) wooden posts that are more flexible. There are also many pests (Japanese beetles) and diseases (downy mildew, blackrot) for which there are no suitable organic sprays.